Jerome, Clarkdale & Cottonwood

These communities also offer plentiful options for exploring the stunning surrounding scenery.


The communities of Jerome, Clarkdale, and Cottonwood are located along a beautiful scenic stretch of Highway 89A, with stunning views over the Verde River Valley and out to Mogollon Rim and Colorado Plateau. These three charming historic communities are perched upon the steep incline of Cleopatra Hill, with elevation meaning virtually every property here enjoys unobstructed views of the breathtaking surrounding scenery.
The rich history of these communities is steeped in mystery and intrigue. Originally settled by the Sinagua people who mysteriously migrated from the area in the 15th century, leaving the Tuzigoot cave dwelling as their only trace. This beautiful two-story ruin sits between Clarkdale and Cottonwood, with a museum displaying authentic Sinagua jewelry and artifacts.
The modern communities developed during the gold rush of the 1800s, with many of the period buildings still standing and well-preserved today. 
Historic Jerome retains almost all of its 19th century buildings. What was known as the Wild West’s “Wickedest Town” was almost completely abandoned after its copper mine closed. A new generation of artists discovered Jerome’s ghost town in the 1960s and ‘70s and many artists, craftspeople, musicians, and writers have migrated into Jerome in the years since. Jerome’s unique setting and authentic Old West feel have made it a major tourist attraction.
Clarkdale’s Old Town is every bit as well-preserved and authentic as Jerome’s, though its history could hardly be more different. Clarkdale was Arizona’s first master-planned community, being founded in 1912 by the United Verde Copper Company.
Cottonwood also contains a well-preserved historic core, with many buildings along its bustling Main Street dating back to its early settlement. This beautiful region’s fascinating history can be explored in museums dedicated to Native American cultures, international copper art, and the history of the town and its railway line. 
Around the historic cores of these three communities are an eclectic mix of high-quality shops and restaurants. Jerome is home to numerous artsy boutiques and galleries, as well as the Jerome Winery. Jerome has long been known as “The City in the Sky,” and the name will be no mystery to any who ventures to Jerome’s elevated position atop Cleopatra Hill, overlooking the majestic scenery of the Verde Valley below. The culinary scene is very much alive in “America’s Largest Ghost Town,” with favorite Jerome eateries including Mile High Grill & Inn, the Flat Iron Cafe, and the Asylum Restaurant.
These communities also offer plentiful options for exploring the stunning surrounding scenery. Clarksdale is a particularly good entry point for exploring the local natural beauty, containing both an entrance to the gorgeous Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Area and the scenic excursion Verde Canyon Railroad.
Cottonwood has close to thirty options for dining out clustered along its Main Street, with restaurants serving a variety of international cuisine mixed in with authentic Southwestern and Mexican places. 
Perched high atop Cleopatra Hill, homes within each of these communities promise incredible views of the surrounding red rocks and Verde Valley below. Luxurious dream homes can be found throughout the area, with outdoor pools and spacious interiors lavished with intricate attention to detail. There are also large parcels of land available for constructing your own custom-built home, surrounded by history.

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